Rockland teen now the fastest Canadian to solve the Rubik's Cube



7.16 seconds.  That's how fast it took Antoine Cantin to solve the standard 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube at the Toronto Open Winter 2013 Rubik's Cube competition held the weekend of February 16.   That makes him the fastest Canadian to solve the cube in competition.  Ever.


At the same competition, Antoine also broke another Canadian record: that of solving the same cube, one handed.  16.12 seconds was his average time (average of 5 solves).


115 competitors, ranging from less than 10 years old to over 50 years old, were competing in 8 different events.  Antoine finished in the top-3 in 6 of those events, 4th in the “blindfolded” event, and 5th in the 2x2x2.


In the same competition, Louis Cormier, also from Rockland beat the North American “megaminx” record with a time of 55.67 seconds.  Louis took 5 top-3 spots.


Between Antoine and Louis, they took 11 out of 24 top-3 finishes.  Our best Rockland cubers are indeed the best in the country.  They will show the World when they compete in the World's Rubiks Cube Championships 2013, in Las Vegas this coming July.


You will be able to see, and talk to Antoine for three days when he performs at the Canadian museum of science and technology in Ottawa, on March 13-15, during March break.  He and Louis will also attend a Montreal cubing competition on March 23.


Finally, both will again compete, at RCN-NCR 2013, held at Rockland's Optimist Hall on May 18th.  That event is sanctioned by the World Cube Association, and will be run by CanadianCubing, while being organised by the Club de Cube L'Escale (, of which Antoine is a member.


Combining all 17 official events from the World Cube Association, Louis ranks first in Canada, while Antoine ranks second.  684 Canadians have competed in an official WCA competition.  Official Canadian competitions have been held in Vancouver, Toronto area, Ottawa (Rockland), St-John's and soon Montreal.  The World Cube Association web site is at  Canadiancubing's web site is at, and le Club de Cube's web site is at;  it can be reached at